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Thread: Sending pm s

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    Sending pm s

    Is there anyway of finding out if the recipients storage space is used up before you try and send a pm only on three seperate occasions now i have typed a pm out only to be told the recipients inbox is full and the message cant be sent.

    Or is there a way of storing the message ,to send it at a latter date as it can be a bit frustrating to spend an hour writing a message to then be told it cant be sent and have it lost.
    Then again it is probably just me doing something wrong
    The rest of the site is spot on and a huge improvement well done guys

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    I have looked into this and I'm afraid there is currently no way round it. All I can suggest at the moment is that if your PM is a long one, copy and paste it somewhere before pressing send!


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    Thanks for the help alex i will give it a go

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