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Thread: golf clubs

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    golf clubs

    Don't ask me how, but it's happened. I am now looking for a set of clubs. Need to be good condition but no expensive, I may lose the will to continue as quickly as I found the will to start. Would be willing to do something with a .17 hmr if of interest

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    Got a set of Ping Eye 2's and some Taylor Made Drivers not doing much these days!

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    get yourself on gumtree!
    people getting rid of dusty unloved clubs every day

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    A Number 9 Iron is not an approved means of despatch!

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    Dear oh dear.
    Get well soon.

    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    used to play off 11.5 but gave up and sold up when I was laid off work. circa 1500 a year's membership and way to much to pay out when the bills came first.

    A game that has laid waste to a good afternoons walking with the binos and the dog

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    Last time I played golf I was at school and got chucked off the course 'cos I was potting rabbits with my .22 air rifle "iron".
    "Don't say I didnae warn ye !"

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    Ahh, I have time to do all of the things I enjoy most of the time. Shooting won't suffer due to golf and golf makes me a bit more sociable! I have my eyes on lots of bits and bobs. I have to admit for years I said I'd never play golf, since then I have learnt to say, never say never!!

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    Nothing wrong with playing golf, great game. Often the pro shops will have clubs that have been traded in for the latest model,they can be a good buy.


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    Have a set here doing nothing that I'm looking at moving on and also looking for a .17!
    full set of clubs with graphite shafts Calloway big Bertha titanium woods (1,3,5), putter, mizuno bag, loads of balls - basically all you need to get started
    all in very good condition.
    let me know if your interested or need any photos

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