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Thread: Cutting Claws on a pair of rings

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    Cutting Claws on a pair of rings

    I have secured a pair of used and cheap extra high base leupold std rings. I have a really nice Ferlach combination gun which has a 6x42 scope on claw mounts which works really well. I also have an old straight tubed nickel 1-4x20 scope that work really well for close range woodland use.

    I am planning on cutting claws at the bottom of rings to fit the little scope to the gun. I don't have or have access to a machine shop, but I do have a good workbench and hand tools so I am going to cut them by hand. Ok I could take the easy route and throw money at the problem with 200 for new recknagel rings and same amount to have them fitted, but what's the fun in that?

    I am just going to carefully measure the existing claws on the 6xscope, copy them, and then carefully fit them. If it takes many evenings it's better than rubbish on the telly.

    Would welcome any advice and pointers from others who have done this before.

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    go slowly!
    you can take more off but putting material back on is a pain!

    good pack of needle files of varying shapes would be useful
    let me know if you need a hand with anything.

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    I would recommend using the longest files you can take to the job, it is much easier to cut a flat plane with a hand on each end and more leverage.

    The same amount of wobble on a twelve inch file will produce half the angle variation as the same wobble on a six inch file...

    I always used to use a 8" hand flat no6 cut in preference to needle files when making silver jewellery much more controllable.


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    Good luck! - You are taking on a real challenge - I wish you well. You may find you are one of the lucky ones who have a natural ability for this kind of work & you may also find you aren't!
    There are lots of variables to consider. You need to not only get the claws to be exactly the right fit into the bases, you have to get them central to a perpendicular taken from the ring bore, the right height on both front & back rings & square so that you don't stress the scope tube when tightening it up.
    Getting one dimension right when hand filing/fitting is hard enough - Each other variable greatly complicates matters so do have fun!


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    Wont you need to drill and tap the bottom of the rings for some kind of pinch bolt?
    I will also say this, unless you are a highly skilled bench fitter you will end up with a pair rings that are not up to the job and eventually buy the recknagel mounts anyway.

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    Good luck! I saw your post too an Accurate Reloading. My suggestion would be this. Make the claws as a separate part and then file a groove into a cross piece. Then reduce the base of the rings that you have and weld them onto that cross piece.

    I'll explain. Get "bar" of metal the width of your ring slots. File it until it is the same length. Then cut and shape the "hooks" and any curve and etc. Do another and then put both into the base on the rifle. So as to file them down to the same height. Then make a "bridge" that sits on top of them. Finally fix the base of the ring that you have to that "bridge" by welding.

    This way you are making the claws only and if you mess up you only need to get another piece of that bar and start again until perfected. Ditto when they are done with the bridge. Then in theory welding the rings to that bar should be easy.

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    You can buy rings with the claws as blocks in all sorts of widths and spacings, and then just have to file the final fit.

    If your idea will work, it is too much material to remove by hand. Take it to a machinist, who can cut a set to match the ones you have on a milling machine in a few minutes. Then you can file and polish them.

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    You can ask John Fala in Bonchester Bridge (agricultural engineer) if he will mill the rings out to match your claws, but just a tad oversize so you can file to fit. He does mostly agricultural work, but he's a helluva machinist and will probably do it for very few 's.

    obviously, I can ask him for you if you would like. food for thought.

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