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Thread: Buffalo Special Six

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    Buffalo Special Six

    Does anyone use one of these shirts when on the hill? Was thinking about getting one for my hind stalking in October/November, and having a cheap Goretex camo jacket to chuck over the top if it starts to get really wet.

    I know they are unbelievably warm having used them before, but never used them up on the hill at that time of year, so wanted to know if anyone uses one and recommend it.

    Also looking at a Ridgeline Pintail smock, again using a goretex jacket over the top if things turn really wet - although I appreciate that I will need a few layers underneath the smock.

    Any thoughts welcome. Cheers.

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    Never owned or used one myself, but they were popular with some of the mountain rescue team members, imagine they would fine in the coldest weather, maybe a little too warm as early as October.

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    Thats my concern bogtrotter - they may just be too warm!

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    Simply the best stalking smock ever made. But we gave up trying to sell them as nobody believed it.

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    Very popular with military they are , very warm and easy to ventilate if too hot. The trick is to wear next to skin that's when they really shine

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    Not used them on the hill as such, but use them at work, the best bit of kit we have been issued with along with Arktis trousers. Personally I only really use them in really cold freezing weather, otherwise they do get too hot even if you are just walking etc. Let along climbing a hill. If your sat in a high seat then October might be ok.
    As mentioned above wear it direct next to the skin, & it should be on the snug side as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gr1ffer View Post
    Very popular with military they are , very warm and easy to ventilate if too hot. The trick is to wear next to skin that's when they really shine
    ...or over the top of one of the old skin tight helly hansens...Brilliant!

    I have used mine whilst stalking a few times, up on the hill and woodland in the depths of winter. Mine is coming up to 20 years old now. Its lost a bit of pile lining from the inside but its still nice and warm (just a little more snug in places now!). they dry out very quickly too even if it gets soaked through, which i cannot say the same for my stalking jacket!

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    Absolutely top bit of kit. I can concur with Daft Dog.

    Although I think the special six will be way too warm for what you want - just stick with the mountain shirt. You won't regret it. As soon as it gets a bit chilly, I almost live and die in mine.

    They are great even if you're doing hard work (like tabbing out on the hill) because you can vent them very easily and at least when fleece gets wet, it retains good thermal properties if you stop and start to cool down.

    They don't pack small like down jackets, but don't have the problems when you get them wet unlike down.

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    Aye, I've had a look at their different offerings - looks like the Active Shirt or Mountain Shirt is the way forward. Any views on these would also be welcome!

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    From a quick google search or active vs mountain shirt, it looks like the active shirt has an outer that is a bit more hard wearing and maybe more water resistant. Not too much other than that.

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