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Thread: Real world difference between 243 and 6.5x55 and 260

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    Real world difference between 243 and 6.5x55 and 260

    Just considering my armoury. I have a very nice and accurate 243, left hand Heym SR 20, and a really nice 7x65r break action. 243 I tend to use if longer shots and /last light / prone shooting is required and wears a 4-12x50 Swarovski, and use a 100gn Softpoint. The 7x65r is used around woodland / general public (looks like a shotgun and breaks like one as well) and use a 139gn Softpoint but also have 173gn big thumpers that shoot to the same point of aim. Happy with shots out to 150yds, but not as easy to shoot prone as the bolt action Heym.

    Toying with idea of re barrelling the Heym to 6.5x55 or 260, former being the preference given availability of ammo, but just wondering it would give much more versatility compared to the 243. I think the answer is probably not much and don't change what's not broke, but welcome other views.

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    I've got the same model LH rifle in all of these (6mm, 6.5mm, and 7mm ... if I may speak in metric) so feel there's a case for each. Add another, and then there would be no need for you to justify or agonize over what to change to?

    If you must change, then the 6.5x55 is a definite step up in flexibility, and would properly fill that .243 Heym long action you've got. It'll handle the heavies in 156- 160gr more easily than the .260, and be more befitting to the marque than the .260 upstart.
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