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Thread: Threading and firearms cert

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    Threading and firearms cert

    Two questions for you -
    I bought my sako 75 new form the local gun shop, it was already threaded. I now wish to shorten the barrel 2 inches and re thread it. I have been told that it would need to go away and be re-proofed - is this correct? I do not intend selling it at this point in time.

    I sent off my firearms and shotgun certs for renewal as one on the 17th JAN - i received the forms on the 12th. I phoned the local firearms dept two weeks later and they confirmed receipt and someone would be out to see me. I phoned again last week and explained my licences expired on the 3rd March and still no one had been out. I received a message later informing me they would be out on the 8th. Needless to say I will be w/o a current licence shortly. Is this ok considering I have submitted my renewals on time and the police admit they have a back log of work. I do not like the idea of using a weapon w/o a current licence in my possesion. Advice please.

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    Current legislation only requires re-proofing if the integrity of the barrel has been dimished.
    Unfortunately whoever does your threading will cover his ass by having it re-proofed and then charge you handsomely when there is no actual need to do so.
    There are some gunsmiths out there that will re-thread and not re-proof,find one of those!

    Ask the FLO to issue you with a temporary certificate as it is illegal to be in possesion of firearms without a valid certificate.Point out to them that it is thier responsibility to ensure that you have a Temp Certificate before yours expires.
    It is illegal for them not to do so..
    If you are in any doubt then contact BASC and ask their advice if you are a member..


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    Neil McKillop chopped my Sako 75 down by about 2" - much improved the handling and don't regret it one bit. Think the total cost was 85 including proofing as apparently his insurance was only valid if the barrel was proofed. Don't know how true this was, but no reason to doubt him to be honest - I can't see him making anything out of the proofing by the time he'd paid courier costs etc.

    Agree with griff - get a temp certificate to cover yourself!

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