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Thread: Finger position on trigger

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    Finger position on trigger

    Just curious as to the preferred finger placement on the trigger for those shooters out there.

    Pad of finger on trigger or joint of finger on trigger?

    I am a pad of finger shooter, but watched a guy yesterday use the joint and when i asked he said he had been 'taught to do it that way'??
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    When I was taught to shoot in cadets, they taught pad, and so pad is what I did.
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    Pad of the finger is the correct way, any competant shooter will tell you that.


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    Pad with shotgun , joint with rifle.

    atb Tim

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    Pad of my finger for my rifles and shotgun.

    Regards kev
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    Quote Originally Posted by timbrayford View Post
    Pad with shotgun , joint with rifle.

    atb Tim
    Pad with shotgun, pad with rifle, pad with anything else that has a trigger, its all the same!!


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    Yes I used to do pad with both until Ian F pointed out that I had a very slight tendency to snatch the trigger, using the joint instead solved this.

    atb Tim

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    joint (your wrong that every trigger uses a pad)!
    I was taught to "tension" your fingers to squeeze the trigger until I fire. Doing this with the joint aids ratchetting effect.

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    I prefer pad for both rifle and shotgun, I think it gives for a greater feeling of control rather than the joint.

    ATB 243 Stalker

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    Pad feels more natural but Ian F said said joint so thats what i try to do

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