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Thread: LH Rem 700 .223 + RH Beretta 20 bore

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    LH Rem 700 .223 + RH Beretta 20 bore

    First up is my LH Rem .223 SPS varmint bolt action rifle. Barrel cut to 18" by Steve Kershaw, recrowned and threaded M14x1. Round count believed to be a max of 500 from what the previous owner told me (he got it new). Original trigger fettled and now breaks at around 2lbs. Action and barrel very tidy (just odd cabinet mark), synthetic stock has a few more marks (particularly on underside where previous owner has obviously rested it on something). SOLD TO NELSON PENDING THE USUAL similar SH rifles on Guntrader up for 595! If collected I will include 50+ rounds of Samson brand ammo for free. Selling because it simply does not get used at the moment.

    Mounts and scope not included - but see my add in the optics section.

    Attachment 46563Attachment 46564Attachment 46565

    Second up is my RH (yes right handed) 20 bore Beretta Silver Pigeon 'Sporting' model, 29.5in multichoke barrels (full set plus key), stock very tidy (professionally refinished - oiled - about 18 months ago), barrels and action also in very good condition. SOLD TO REMMY700 - those that are similar on Guntrader are generally going for 1000+. Selling because it is right handed and I am not (looking to get LH gun that doesn't smack me in the face quite as much).

    Shotgun can be tried at my local clay ground (you'll need a cert and insurance, but you going to need a cert to buy it anyway...........)

    Attachment 46567Attachment 46571Attachment 46574Attachment 46568Attachment 46570Attachment 46575Attachment 46569

    Happy to listen to reasonable offers
    , I want to sell them not show them off - but please don't take the mick, I'll also be happy to trade them in if it comes to it.

    Would consider taking tidy 410 or 28 bore OU in PX - plus cash adjustment depending on what you have and which gun you fancied.

    Offers by PM probably best!



    Attachment 46576Attachment 46577Attachment 46578
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    Pics of the .223 don't seem to be working.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psjunkie View Post
    Pics of the .223 don't seem to be working.

    Cheers for that - thought the add had gone together far too well!!


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    All PM's replied to.

    Cheers for the interest.


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    Hi could you PM me some pics of the 20 bore please and the length of the stock. Cheers Matt

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    Looks like 223 gone, have reduced price a bit on the 20bore, making it cheaper than anything on Gunstar or Guntrader.

    Only selling 20 bore as it is RH and I am LH - easier to change gun than shoot off the other shoulder!



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    That 20b is an absolute bargain for someone. Tempted myself, and I'm a left hander!

    Seriously though, I've had dealings with HH and he's a first class gent.

    Good luck with the sale.


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    Cheers for the comments Novice.

    Rifle now sold pending the usual.

    All PM's replied to re shotgun, it is going to a good deal for someone.



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    The 20 bore is mine...must be the deal of the day...cheers Alan...SOLD !!!
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    Aye, you got a good deal but I am happy too so every one is a winner.

    Just need to get the damn thing up to you now in one piece!



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