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Thread: Tikka t3 or sako 75.243

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    Tikka t3 or sako 75.243

    Hi all im looking for a s/h .243 and have seen these both good condition sako is probably better. But which 1 is best?
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    Depends entirely on the condition. If they are both in as good condition as each other then the 75 will be the better rifle.

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    At what price point?
    You can get a relatively unused T3 for the same price as a well used 75.
    Value for money the T3 wins, usually.

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    I have both. For finish and function the sako wins every time (when chambering a round the T3 mags are noisy compared to the 75 and you can unload with the safety catch applied - not that common in stalking rifles) after that there's nothing in it.

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    don't even think twice. 75 hands down on so many levels. still, not the 'perfect' rifle, but IMHO much better than T3's - stock quality, stock design, inletting accuracy, trigger, etc. etc.

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    They are both 800 with t12 sound mod. The 75 looks better but its older the t3 just has a few marks on the stock. Its a t3 hunter. Not sure what the 75 is but it has the heavy barrel so may be better

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    Sako 75. At the end of the day it is the better rifle of the two. If you get the chance to try both, see which feels right. The 75 will always hold its value better if you decide to sell again in the future.

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    What would be the perfect rifle? Mainly shoot roe and muntjac.

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    Either in good condition would be perfect. I have Tikka .308, shoots PPU ammo with 1/2 inch grouping at 100m. I also have a Tikka m55 (35 years old ) .243 does the same with my 87gr Vmax home loads.
    Nothing wrong with Sako or Tikka.
    It depends on the price you want to pay. They both do the same job very, very well.
    I also have Zeiss scopes. That's where to spend the money.

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    Will let Mungo chip in as he has just swapped a 243 T3 for Sako 75.

    Accuracy wise nothing between them,

    but T3 - plastic magazine, plastic bolt shroud and long action. Only 3shot mag, and difficult to load through ejection port.

    Sako 75 - all metal, short action for 243, all metal 5shot magazine that can be loaded both off the rifle and through the top when on the rifle.

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