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Thread: What vehicle do rural Police use in your area?

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    What vehicle do rural Police use in your area?

    Post is as per title really;

    Asking what your local officers use (Rural Patrol Officers) in your area.

    Please give County, Vehicle Make and Model

    Intestested in what 4WD they use or are issued with as a go anywhere vehicle.


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    In hants we see to have land rovers and Nissan Navara last time I looked.

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    Hungerford station sends out a mitsi l200 with bridgestone duelers on, sometimes we're mean and stop a couple of hundred yards from the road and let the officers walk across the fields to see us, because they cant go far off road. Proper tyres needed...

    theyre thames valley.

    we dont do crime in wiltshire (not my part anyway), never see a cop here.

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    North East Lincolnshire, Landrover Freelander

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    Defender 110 county, based in Ulverston. Paid for by locals to help with anti poaching / red diesel / quad theft, from what I heard.

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    Gary, they were out here on the farm a couple of weeks ago, very definitely sticking to the roads!

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    Sorry - what's a local rural patrol officer ......?

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    Mine has a dinky little Freelander...,. Bless!!

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    Last lot that came out for hare coursing were in a skoda octavia. Though they do have a L/R 90. Wilts
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    Why don't we all compile a list of vehicles including type, capability, Police Force, registration number, where it's kept overnight etc. and PUBLISH it .....

    Just a thought.


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