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Thread: Nomad smock underclothing considerations?

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    Nomad smock underclothing considerations?

    Hi folks
    I'm getting excited , got my first outing for a stag coming in October!!! Years of roe never been near the big lads!!!
    Wife bought me Nomad smock & breeks for my 40th just past ....
    Been thinking what do you lads wear up the hill under your Nomads?
    Beating in mind ... Im a sweater .... Even when in shape ( rounds a shape !). I swear a bit

    Just looking for advice to be as comfortable as possible & enjoy my day


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    I've had a nomad smock for around ten years and love it. It breathes as well as anything else I've tried that is 100% waterproof and silent.

    I've stalked stags on the hill in October in sunshine with just a cotton shirt underneath which wicks sweat away well. I've also been in snow in the same month and would then add a fleece, ideally one with a full zip. If you have a one hour yomp up a Munro then you can open the fleece or put it in your piece bag/tie it around your waist, however when you have a two hour wait for your stag to stand up you'll be glad you brought it and put it back on!

    Hope you have a good day.

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    Cheers nick
    Thank you

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