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Thread: Bringing stock and mag home from the US.

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    Bringing stock and mag home from the US.

    Hiya, Done a search, nothing to be found.

    Anyway, I'm off on Hols to the USA in a little over two weeks, and want to bring home a stock, metalwork and mag for my Remy's an ADL model, and want to convert it to a mag fed one.

    Can anyone foresee any problems or does anyone know if I can do that...?? I brought ammo home last time we were over, I'd informed the airline ( BA) and paid the £50 fee...

    Thanks in advance..

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    Hi Norrie
    I have brought magazines and stocks back from the US no problems mate where are you going to

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    Hi Geordie...Nice one, I was mainly concerned about the mag...

    Off to LA for a week to visit no 2 daughter and family, then down to San Diego for a week to visit cousins , and my Aunt and Uncle in the mountains east of SD..., then back to LA for a few days with daughter, then home... Plenty shooting being done too...


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    Would you not need an import licence to fetch things firearms related into the UK?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jimmy milnes View Post
    Would you not need an import licence to fetch things firearms related into the UK?
    Regards Jimmy
    If it isn't a barrel or chamber cannot the other bits be classed as 'Machined Parts' ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by EMcC View Post
    If it isn't a barrel or chamber cannot the other bits be classed as 'Machined Parts' ?
    Hi Ed
    You can bring barrels back if they are not chambered they are then just steel tubes with grooves.When I brought a rifle back I was told my FAC acted as an import licence as it was a personal import.When you are over there Norrie have a look in the Farmer type shops they often have a sporting goods dept and the prices are usually cheaper than the gun and sporting goods stores.I used "Farm and Fleet" and "Big R" and they were way cheaper than Cabelas and Bass pro

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    It's not import restrictions you need to worry about, rather the American export licence requirement.

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    As per the last post it depends on the item and who finds it / you disclose it to on leaving the USA . In current times I would not risk it unless I had something in writing from the US authorities it does not require an export licence .

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    I wouldn't chance it.

    There are now US export restrictions on all kinds of mundane stuff.

    Stocks over a value of $100 for example.

    Stocks with adjustable length.

    Military looking stuff, that might fit an AR15.

    Any 'scope with a "military" reticle.

    Barrel blanks too.

    As for NV and thermal stuff, don't go there.

    I don't know about magazines, but they are in some ways restricted, they recently used a technicality to bang up a notorious UK arms dealer who had been thumbing his nose at them for some time. For which we should all be grateful.

    It works the other way as well. E.g. try ordering a 'scope or NV from a UK supplier for delivery elsewhere and they won't.

    Not worth it. And if you did smuggle out something that had to be returned to the USA for warranty work because the UK distributor refused to touch it, then you are into a whole nightmare of complications.

    If you do decide to import anything of value, then you will of course declare it in the red channel at UK customs and pay the VAT and duty applicable. They have heard the old "I've lost the receipt but it only cost 10p in the souq" and "it is a gift for a friend" excuses many times.

    Study International Traffic in Arms Regulations - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and understand that the US apply their own world view without territorial consideration.

    If you ever get on one of their blacklists then you are screwed forever.

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    That's exactly why i'm i said, I've brought ammo home in the past..2012...., didnt even have to show it at was in a locked metal ammo case...and declared to BA before even checking in at San Diego...BUT, the magazine I want to buy is what i'm worried about. The stock is only a piece of wood or plastic, and will probs only be a bog standard BDL one... depending on what I do buy... tho the metal plate assembly might be different...
    I'm not intending to "smuggle" anything out of the country, or skipping the red channel... as I intend going back to visit regularly, already been there 7 times in the last three years to visit family....might even move there when I retire...

    BUT, I can find no place to see what i can in fact bring back, my FEO has no clue, neither has Bushwear,...nor can my relation in CA find anything for me, and he shoots too, semi auto 223, 30-30, 357mag, 9mm, 7.62 etc etc... he asked at the range in SD that we both are members of, nope, they cant help either...

    I might call Cabelas before I go over, see what they say, as I could buy them from there much cheapness compared to the UK, incl duty.......

    Just called Cabelas, they said to ask US customs to get the correct info....might just keep scanning fleabay..its all getting rather complicated....
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