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Thread: Clothing advice Scotland late season / noise

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    Clothing advice Scotland late season / noise

    When I hunt roe or whitetail, I generally wear wool, extremely quiet and works well. However it gets heavy when wet and not that good if you need to be moving. I have hiked and ice climbed in the fall and winter in the Highlands, but have never stalked.

    I plan to use soft shells similar to those military web-tex jackets, but they are a little noisy when moving. Is that going to be a problem, or are the wind and rain going to mask the noise? I am probably over-analysing, but if you have a thought, it would be great to hear. I am trying to avoid paying big bucks for the fancy gear.



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    A day on the hill in the winter can be glorious or can be lashing with rain. The most important thing is to stay dry, dry = warm, so waterproof kit is definately the order of the day.

    When it comes to noise, if the wind is blowing it's amazing what you can get away with, but if it's still noise it a real give away. Crawling into a group of hinds with gaiters rubbing together and your nylon jacket and trousers scraping through the heather is going to alert one of the group of hinds quite some way out. It will really piss the stalker off as well.

    Unfortunately that combination of properly waterproof and quiet tends to be at the pricier end of the scale,

    Buy some decent Gore Tex kit and it will keep you warm and dry, it will stay waterproof for years (unless you're on the hill every day in which case you will get a season out of it, perhaps two if you're lucky) and when you're walking up the hill you will not sweat to death and then freeze due to the build up of sweat inside the gear when you stop. Anything less is a compromise, you just need to work out what compromises you want to make to suit your budget.
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    Thanks for the advice.....I hear Scotland can trash kit, so I'll try out my olive military surplus gortex and soft shells, and if I see what happens. Maybe I'll invest in the expensive stuff next year.


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    I wear the military clothing system of a reasonably waterproof wind proof smock, which is heavy poly-cotton with waterproofing treatment washed into it, plus the military gore text layer which is worn UNDER the cotton smock. The cotton smock is very breathable and pretty waterproof and when walking in moderate rain will keep you dry with no need for the gore tex layer. You actually stay drier and warmer, especially once you stop, because the smock is so breathable compared to any totally waterproof layer. In really foul conditions the gore text layer goes on under the smock so you are silent and keep all your pockets but are totally waterproof.

    Yesterday I was fishing a very remote scottish salmon loch about an 8 mile walk from the car. During the day there was heavy rain such that the burn to the loch rose, and then fell, by over 8 inches. Even with the long, difficult, walk and conditions I was dry and comfortable all day in my surplus smock and gore text and as a plus they only cost me about 30. For that money you are mad not to try it, I'm out in similar conditions about 100 days per year and can not find a better system and it isn't about saving the money as I wear harkila trousers because they work best for me and have a cupboard full of 400 coats that now rarely see a day out.

    So take a look at the mil surplus outlets or ebay for a windproof smock ( older dark dpm pattern is more basic but very good while newer mtp pattern has more features and is good camo on the hill) and pick up a surplus gore text to go under.
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