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Thread: Long Range Rifle

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    Long Range Rifle

    I am selling my Winchester mod 70 in 264 winmag(6.5mm)
    It has a stainless fluted Border Barrel with a Bell and Carlson Carbelite stock which is bedded.
    It has Badger Ordnance rings with EGW picatinny rail.
    It is threaded with a 17x1.

    On paper it will shoot .3 and on the last range session it shot 3 into 1.5" @ 350yds.

    Current loads are:
    140gn scenar @ 3050fps
    95gn V Max @ 3500fps

    Comes complete with dies and cases.
    Cases are easy to come by if 264 cases are unavailable then 7mm rem mag just need to
    be necked and they are identicle.

    Rifle can be seen in action if needed.
    Pm me if you want more info.

    Price 550
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    Have you got any photos and how many rounds through the barrel, and what length?

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    Barrell is 25.5" and has had about 1000 rounds through it,it is cleaned meticulously every 50 rounds or so.
    It shoots extremely well and always has done, I have replaced the rifle with a remmy 700 SPS in 7mm rem mag, the only reason for that was that the 7mm is less affected by wind and the other reason is that it is an acceptable caliber for boar..
    there is very little to choose between the two the 7mm is better in the wind but on a still day the 264 will knock spots off the 7mm.
    Also at extended ranges the 264 has slighly more energy than the 7mm becuase of the better BC of the bullets.
    I have regulaly shot deer beyond 600yds with it, in the right conditions.
    The Bell & Carlson stock is flecked green.
    trigger is absolutely perfect, no creep and lets go at 1lb

    I will send you a picture if it is any use to you..


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    Ah Griff, you've gone and pissed me off now. You know i like that rifle of yours but i'm all out of slots and have only just bought that .223 from Roy.

    You're a bugger!

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    is this still for sale? any photo's?

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