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Thread: External Radius on case neck/shoulder junction

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    External Radius on case neck/shoulder junction

    Looking for a little bit of advice (again) if I may.

    First, Background.

    Cal: .20 TAC
    Brass: Dakota
    Firings: 5
    prep: tumbled, decapped + FL sized (set up to set shoulder back about 2 thou from fired dimension,measured using headspace comparator), tumbled again, inside neck brushed, v v mild turn of hand chamfer tool and primer pockets cleaned, then reloaded.

    Now I dont see any problem with accuracy or groups, cases chamber well and extract etc but when cleaning and prepping a batch today i noticed that these cases seem to be losing the nice sharp junction between he base of the neck and where the shoulder starts to flare out. I have tried to take a photo but it isnt the best but it gives an idea. There seems to be a gentle curve from shoulder to neck.

    Am i wrong in thinking that the junction should be sharper?

    or is it that I am particularly bored today and noticed something that is completely normal. I have never really studied it too much before so i maybe never noticed what normal was!

    any advice would be welcome, and ridicule accepted.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    What do they look like before you cleaned them

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    a bit sharper, but i cant quantify it as i'm only eyeballing it, maybe the fact they are shinier is making it look more pronounced than it actually is.

    Maybe the old adage is true, if nothing is broke, don't go looking for something to fix.

    Sorry I did say it was a slow day!

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    HCM1 - You say you're FL sizing - The action of the neck expander bullet pulls the neck longditudinally as it acts on the downstroke of the ram - that will result in forces which will tend to pull the sharpness out of the corner & may be the cause of what you're seeing. Collet type neck sizers don't cause case lengthening & would not tend to have that result. (That's one of the reasons why neck sizing is better for extending case life - or so they say!)


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    That might be the beginning of the dreaded "donut" as our colonial cousins mis-spell it.

    Google "case neck donut" and you can scare yourself silly.

    PS: don't click on the link, my security stuff threw a wobbly and blocked a "threat".

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    Jeez i feel my wallet getting fretted! Think I'll just ignore it for now! Doesn't seem to be causing an issue so I'll see what happens.

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