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Thread: Knives & Bone Saw

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    Knives & Bone Saw

    1/ EKA swing blade great knife just prefer to use my Helle for everything. 37.50 posted.

    2/ Fiskars bone saw this is really sharp and will tackle the biggest jobs quality steel made in Finland, hardly used. 27.50 posted.

    3/ Fixed blade hunting knife, again I only need the one knife so this is hardly used. 25. Posted.

    Obviously you need to be over 18 to purchase.

    Cheers Steve.

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    EKA sold subject to the usual.
    Cheers Steve.

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    EKA sold...
    Surprised no interest (except from the Boss for pruning) in the bone saw. Bought this whilst in Germany on a deer cull and just never used it.
    cheers Steve

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    I will take the bone saw please.
    How do you wish to be paid


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    Bone saw sold to Hogey subject to the usual.
    cheers Steve.

    Paid for and sent.
    Thanks Steve.
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