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Thread: Brass dents??

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    Brass dents??

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Are these dented cases caused from too much lube? Of 100 cases approx 30 came out like this.

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    Did these dents appear after firing or after re-sizing? What calibre? Regards JCS

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    Re-sizing, were fine and after I ran them through the full length sizer they appeared. Not sure if it was the first lot I did and there was too much lube on them. Never had it beforeon other calibres but this is the first time reloading .204

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    When I have dented cases through too much lube, the dent has always appeared on the shoulder of the case. I have not experienced a dent in the location shown in your pictures.
    If your die has a vent hole make sure that it is clear. RCBS dies have a vent hole located in the main thread and it can get blocked with gunge.
    If you think it is your lube, then consider changing to the Hornady One-Shot spray lube. I took a bit of convincing but once I tried it I have never used anything else.
    Good luck and hope you get it resolved.

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    Are you certain that the cases were not dented after firing? That is an odd place for a lubrication dent.~Muir

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    It looks to me as if the die is trying to push the shoulder back and buckling one side of the case.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sikadog View Post
    It looks to me as if the die is trying to push the shoulder back and buckling one side of the case.
    If sikadog is right (very likely), then just back the die off half a turn and see what happens. If this resolves the problem, then do check that the resized cases will fit into your rifle and that the bolt will close properly. Even backing off a quarter of a turn may do the trick.
    I once loaded 100 rounds into cases where the die had not been set down enough ..... result, they wouldn't fit into my rifle.

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    I would say die is in to far and is crushing them,, you must have alot of cam over on your press stroke, atb swaro

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    Do you think these will be ok to use in rifle if they chamber ok?

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    If they fit ok, carry on using them, the dents will form out upon firing. Looks like too much lube, in the wrong area to me.
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