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Thread: Which laser for NV

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    Which laser for NV

    I'm looking for a decent ir laser to go with my pvs14, would like the smallest/thinnest possible laser to keep weight down (rifle getting quite bulky with everything attached) my setup at the moment is tikka 595 in .204 with Zeiss diavari 6-24x56 with the pvs14 mounted in front of it. I have a 25mm adjustable quick release mount so would preferably like a 25mm tube laser that could slot in this mount.
    Any suggestions on what I should buy or steer clear from?
    Some I am thinking of are dipol l3, laserluchs 150nm, or the n1000. Has anybody used these models?
    Thanks fellas

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    Unless you buy a fully adjustable power laser, you will burn your tube in no time.

    You just don't need that much light. Feel free to drop me a PM/call and I can explain some more.
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    You may be better sticking the 14 behind your scope also

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    Quote Originally Posted by camo304 View Post
    You may be better sticking the 14 behind your scope also
    It is behind

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    OK, not quite what you're looking for in terms of mounting it but a Pulsar L808 is a good option if you can find one.... not the later, weaker L808S (Cr*p by all accounts, although it might be upgradeable by removing the grid, no doubt those that have tried and succeeded/failed will chip in ). Secondhand I've seen them from 80 to 120/130odd - a Wanted ad might bring one up.

    Rail mount but the short piece of rail they supply in the box will screw into the hole on the side of the 14.

    Light, focusable and power adjustable, easy on 2 AA's.



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    In have a Laserluchs Pro for sale which i used with a longbow, fantastic bit of kit ,and small as well

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    My archer came with a laser as standard, before that I had a N1000 laser. However I have found that several foxes spotted the laser and as soon as they saw it, they were off. Have had a Nightmaster IR with the Xsearcher lens and have not had that problem since.

    My advise based on using N/V for 15 years is to steer away from lasers - the Nightmaster or any similar type out at the moment will see just as well as a laser ++++ get the laser wet and you are in trouble for that night (fish eyes) - wet nightmaster and a tissue - sorted right away.

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    Great help fellas thanks.

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