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Thread: Photobucket Virus warning

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    Photobucket Virus warning

    Hi All,

    Just a heads up I logged onto my Photobucket account to post a photo and the computer being used was attacked. I thought that Symantec had caught it and blocked it but then the Kodak programe developed a fault and then Norton was disabled.

    So be aware that some scumbags are targeting the Photobucket website and it's users yet again. A friend in America had his computer was so damaged by it that it is in the shop being totaly re-formatted due to this attack. Hopefully we are more lucky.

    I have spent the morning on Symantecs site downloading stuff and un-installing, scanning, re-installing, updating and now doing a full system scan. Once it's done hopefully things will be OK but it means changing all passwords etc to make sure were safe.

    Luckily we brought this new machine a few weeks ago so although it's cold out here in the mobile home I can access the web we need it.

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    I always use image shack as you can get straight on with it..

    Easy to use
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    That's as maybe the reason for the post was to warn that the Photobucket site is not safe at the moment. I also have another account with another online photo storage site but as I am not advertising for them that's all that needs saying.

    The virus, trojen, worm or whatever it is from the Photobucket site is proving difficult to remove I am sorry to say.

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    Sorry to hear about the virus problems. I used photobucket today so hopefully I've not been similarly affected.

    I did see that this new SD site gives you the option of uploading photos directly from your own PC.


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    Well willie the problem according to Nortons analyst is all sorted now. It was a spyware attack probably from one of the adverts that pop up on Photobucket. It's taken several hours to clean and remove and has cost 69.99 which has left me with a shortage of funds now. As you know the adverts rotate so perhaps the offending one was not showing up when you visitied. I have e-mailed photobucket support and await a reply and I have asked the best way to retrieve my photos and images as unless I can assurances that this won't happen again I cannot afford to use their site and service.

    This is the second time it's happened in four months. This time I logged on to upload some new photos so only had their site open when it happened. Norton advises getting and configuring a second drive for back ups so I will find out how to do this as we have a brand new 80 GB HD here so might as well put it to some good use.

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    ouch! I'll be interested to hear what response you get from photobucket support.

    If you are looking for backup software try GFI Backup If it's just for home use you can download it for free. I have it running on my laptop to make sure I do a weekly backup.


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    Brithunter, if you use Norton 360 premium, you can backup everything onto a secure part of norton, works ok for us.and you can make backup discs too, and you can do alsorts of wonderful things that I haven`t even worked out yet, but....... with a new all singing all dancing laptop (our old pc was "Samueld) and super duper Norton I`m still can`t get it to make the coffee

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    john.d.m ,

    This PC is running the version of Norton (2004) which it came with, we just keep it updated. The new PC has Norton Internet security on it. I brought it a couple of years ago on offer (Norton 2007 Internet Securitiy)to put on my old IBM Aptiva then found it would not work with Windows 98 so it wa son the shelf unopened until the other day when I opened it and activated it via the key. I will see what features it has but I am still stumbling about with Windows & on that one it's totally different I have not even found the e-mail programme yet on that one .

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    I had the same problem Monday evening, but it was on the wifes work lap top

    She took it into work the next day and the IT guy sorted it, phew.


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    Yes it seems that there is a rash of them right now. I stopped in a puter shop today in town and asked about fitting and setting up the New 80 GB HD we have as a slave to back up to and they had 7 PC's in for spyware/adware removal.

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