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Thread: powder dish

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    powder dish

    Just bought a RCBS 505 powder scale and i need the little powder pan that sits on the scale the brass coloured one has any one got one they would like to sell

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    contact RCBS
    they tend to send stuff out for free, you may be lucky

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    Cheers will try rcbs directly Thanks for the info. Did you receive your cash buddy?

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    I used a 35mm film canister after the spaniel ate mine.
    "Nonsense! They couldn't hit an elephant at this dista.....................".

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    Quote Originally Posted by charadam View Post
    I used a 35mm film canister after the spaniel ate mine.
    A spaniel eating a brass scale pan?

    I don't think I'd like to see the internal consequences of that .... if ingested. That would be fatal.
    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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