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Thread: Any thoughts on using a safari type scope for stalking??

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    Any thoughts on using a safari type scope for stalking??

    Just thinking on new scopes and quite interested by the new S&B Exos 1-8 x 24.

    Is there any particular disadvantage in terms of low light performance on this type of scope than with to typically much larger objective lenses?

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    You will likely find the low light performance to be inferior comared to scopes with larger objective lenses, however that can to a degree be compensated for by using the lower magnification offered by the scope. My first stalking scope was a 6x42 Swarovski which I found to be fantastic in low light. My current z5 demonstrates the light gathering vs magnification in low light, when wound down to 3.5 mag it's really good but I prefer to shoot around 7x. I guess the good thing is that soon you may have the chance to visit a local shop and get your hands on one and have a look through it when it's coming down dark, something that's hard to do in summer. Hopefully that would let you see what to expect before handing over your hard earned.

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    The exit pupil - that is the size of the light beam coming out of the scope - is calculated by dividing the scope size by magnification. You need this to be as big as or bigger than your eyes pupil which as you know opens wider in the dark. You probably need an exit pupil of 8 mm.
    Some examples:
    24/3=8 so your ok at 3x
    40/5=8 so with a 40 scope 5x is useable

    So once you decide what zoom you want, then you can work out the scope size.

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    Maximum pupillary size in a young human 7mm! Hence 6 x 42, 7 x 50, 8 x 56. There you go exit pupil 7.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kalahari View Post
    Maximum pupillary size in a young human 7mm! Hence 6 x 42, 7 x 50, 8 x 56. There you go exit pupil 7.

    And if you are old even less

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    Yep. By the way, if you are doing woodland stalking wouldn't one of those low mag safari type jobs be ideal?


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    And full dilation is only in complete darkness. Figure 75 - 80% for low-light conditions.

    So average in low light for a 30 year-old might be 5.5mm, dropping down to 4.5mm at 50.

    Going on those, out of a 24mm scope you'd get optimal brightness below 5x at 30, and below 6x at 50.


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    I find the idea very appealing since using a straight tube scope on a driven boar shoot a few years ago.

    I am increasingly disenchanted with big 50-56mm scopes and high magnification.

    I think my favourite scope is my 2.5-10x42. The improvement in the rifles handling characteristics with a small light scope is huge.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    I think you will in practice loose very little in terms of low light performance, particularly if keeping to lower magnifications. I have a 1-4x20 old nickel Marburg that I am going to put on my combination gun. I had it mounted on my .22rf for a while and it is plenty bright enough, and that is with 40 year old optics - modern is much brighter.

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    Its a relief to know i'm not the only one that wants a smaller lighter scope..
    Why are the 24mm scopes so much more expensive? comparatively

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