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Thread: Hunting accidents in France 2013-2014

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    Hunting accidents in France 2013-2014

    This may be of some interest.

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    What grim reading that makes!

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    I recon they need a course like DSC1, before being allowed a firearm for game

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    There's a lot to be said for hunting on one's own and that very clearly includes boar.


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    I notice that several of the cases mentioned were actually the result of illness or falls etc whilst hunting rather than injury/death as a result icidents involving firearms. Such incidents in this country are not exactly unheard of and it shouldn't be forgotten that France is a far more rural country than this one so travel distances to medical assistance would be far greater.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Klenchblaize View Post
    There's a lot to be said for hunting on one's own and that very clearly includes boar.


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    Group hunting (La Chasse) clearly not good.

    Elderly folk, high seats, and Le Weekend (main Chasse time) also not good.

    "Alcohol tests proved negative" seems to be the exception, actually worth mentioning.

    Whilst they have cracked down severely on drink driving, other traditions are still followed.

    Still they seem a loyal lot, the "my rifle fell over, the bullet unfortunately ricocheted off a steel bowl then hit me in the back" rather amused me. As well as the "I wuz charged by a rampaging boar (surgeons removed bullet fragment from wound)"

    For a decade I used to holiday the 1st half of September in La France Profonde.

    Regularly strangers would hear my accent and put themselves out to warn me not to venture into the countryside that weekend, because it was the start of the season.

    This is still the case.

    The 2014 season opening dates are here:

    Oncfs - Dates d'ouverture de la chasse saison 2014-2015

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    PS: these were the best recorded statistics for the last 15 years.

    Well, the ones actually reported...

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    On the occasions I have been in Alsace the shoot instructions have been quite clear and repeated in English for guests. I have been escorted to my allocated place and been given precise instructions on where to stand and permitted arcs of fire. I have never felt unsafe. Drink has been present at lunch time but I've never seen anyone take too much. There are far more folk involved in rural activities and I wonder if there were the same number of folk involved on a daily basis in this country how the statistics would stack up. I have been peppered twice whilst beating in the UK and saw at first hand a shotgun discharge after the owner fell and the shot passed within 4 inches of another chaps ankle who was in front of the faller. I think if all the stat's for the UK including cardiac failure and illness were recorded in one place it would look quite grim. Don't let the figures put you off going abroad, it is a great trip and safety has never been an issue on the shoots I've attended.

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