Have been browsing the site now for a while and only just got round to registering.

I have been stalking for several years in Scotland (stags and hinds) and a few years ago decided to do some stalking in the South so I now have a couple of permissions close by. In fact I am lucky enough to be able to walk out of my door with my rifle when I get the time.

I recently went on my first driven hunting trips in Belgium and Germany. I recommend you do not go unless you have a very understanding other half and bank manager as anyone who has been will tell you it is very addictive stuff!

In the cabinet I have;
a Blaser R93 Wood in 30-06 (so far unused....) - for driven boar and woodland work
a Sako 85 Finnlight in 6.5x55 - for hill stalking
a Tikka T3 Lite in .223 Rem - awesome fox rig, especially when the N/V kit is stuck on
a Sako Quad in .17 HMR - for the vermin but frankly can't remember when it was last out
SGC and handful of shotguns

I did the DSC1 last year which I thoroughly recommend, leaving aside the 'politics' which seem to surround the course. I have also done a venison butchery course which comes in very handy. I have set up a small larder at home.

I am a paid up member of BDS, BASC and CA.

Have already found the site really useful for tips and info. Thank you for having me!