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Thread: Feed to attract boar

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    Feed to attract boar

    You guys that have boar on your land,what's the best thing to put down to attract them into areas
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    Quote Originally Posted by nemo View Post
    You guys that have boar on your land,what's the best thing to put down to attract them into areas
    A mate of mine uses a maize to good affect. They also go mad for molasses im led to believe.

    Regards kev
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    They like potatoes certainly eat them if put out for them

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    I've read on some American forums that diesel soaked corn is very effective. Not sure of the health risks to the pigs or anyone eating them afterwards though.

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    I've been using whole Maize with Stokholm tar rubbed on the trees around.

    Failing that you can use a rag/hessian sack soaked in diesel.

    You can see the black tar on this tree, they love rubbing on it.
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    I heard the diesel was to keep the corn from being eaten by deer and other wildlife?

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    We helped solway stalker mix some and took it to the feeding sites but he made us sign then the official secrets act so couldn't devulge the content but it had a very nice aroma Certainly no diesel involved !

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    Sow cobs/nuts may be worth a try.

    atb Tim

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    I keep pigs and nothing works like maize, I have seen them walk away from every other food stuff for it. If i was feeding boar it would be maize but not a lot and keep it topped up.

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    Corn that is still on the cob and husked is commonly used to good effect. The benefit being that rodents wont stash all the kibbles.

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