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Thread: Feeding Muntjac

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    Feeding Muntjac

    I have recently acquired some new land very close to a local wood and there are a good few muntjac about. I have put up a high seat in a safe location and also a trail cam out to see what is about. I captured a few nice pics of a buck but he is following a hedge line down not really safe enough to shoot (not that I am happy with anyway). I set about and put a pheasant feeder out (just a blue barrel type with wheat in it and a salt lick on the side) and some windfall apples along that hedge with plans it would start feeding on it/get used to it and then I could start moving it away to a safer and better point of shot. I set the trail cam up watching it and he just ignores it and walks past the same route 5yards from it at 6am most mornings.

    I dont know if it is just the fact that it's that time of the year where food is plentiful with everything being ripe so it's just not hungry enough but I would have thought he'd be all over the tasty apples?

    What are your thoughts on tips on tempting these munties?


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    he propley thinks that dont look right danger danger, and theres still plenty of food availbe in the wood he wont bother, he will in the winter thou

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    I would say that when foods get a little thin on the ground he will change his mind ,it might be worth putting a good few heaps of grain near the feeder and underneath it as he probably doesn't associate the feeder with food

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    Try wheat, but only once it gets frosty and snowy, and you can lay a 'trail' from their runs to a safe shooting position, they go mad for it.
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    We always use beans, works well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Munty1 View Post
    We always use beans, works well.
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    ive shot muntjac off of feeding hoppers, fallow as well just give it time for them to learn where the food is and put some heaps around it as already said and they will find it

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    most muntjac i shoot are from pheasant feeder, containing wheat, give it time, they will soon suss it out!

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    I agree when all natural sources of food run out and the cover crops have fallen you will always find the munties feeding out of the pheasant feeders just give it time. Incidently a friend of mine who is care taking one of my permissions whilst i am in the us shot a cracking munty buck this week who was apparently feasting on the fallen crab apples.

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    Ive never has much success feeding apples to muntjac. As said before wheat works well. The muntjac in my garden are partial to peanuts but I think it could be an expensive option. I also have a stump that I periodically pour molases on that they take an interest in.

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