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    Arrowloopboy here,sorry i missed introduction section when i joined a fortnight ago,anyways,im from south east Ireland and am stalking just 2 years,all my stalking so far has been for sikas and hybreads in wicklow.Im shooting a .308 at the moment but have my eye on a blaser .270.I took up stalking to fill in the months that the salmon season was closed for,and while salmon fishing is my first love,this stalking lark is growing on me.Any other irish boys on here? cheers ,alb.

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    Just joined the site, I come from the Out Hebrides. I'm a recreational stalker, and have been stalking red for many, many years. All our stalking here is hill stalking. The tools of my trade are a Sako 85 .308, and a Tikka m595 .243.



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    sorry my intro was a one liner
    from wales shoot a reme .243 t8 can only had a couple of stalks have passed dsc1

    all the best

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    hello all. dont have FAC or rifle but looking to do so and some good advice on here (only HW100 but doesnt count). Not done much shooting of late but always had keen interest. Had shotgun for number of yrs then was gamekeeper on Bleasedale grouse moor, North Lancs for a couple of yrs in the 80's.

    From Wigan and looking to do DSC 1. Have friends that shoot.


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    Am I one of the idiots? If so just let me know what I need to do to comply and be accepted as a fully fledged member.

    Thanks and Regards

    aka Dr Simon Collins BSc PhD CEng ImechE

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    "new member"

    Well hello again everybody! After some serious server probs/crashed pc's a very nasty close escape with windows Vista & a new e-mail address, I think I just about cracked getti'n back in 'ere I "used" to be Steve Latham, but now I'm not so sure!!!

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    Hi been told by a couple of members I should join this site as my work may be of interest to people stalking and hunting in Norfolk and Suffolk as I buy venison and game lets say at very nice prices.
    Planning on another little bussiness idea to help people with there venison and game in storage that shoud be starting next year.
    O yer I shoot with a 270, 222, .22, 12g, 9g garden gun and a air rifle hunt pretty much every thing, been shooting pretty much since I was 13 have dsc1 not bothered with dsc2 yet though I will at some point. Love shooting muntjac they taste great to.
    Will be advertising in shop so you can get my details there if you want (give a week to get that done).

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    Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire
    Hello to all,
    Just joined and new to stalking hence why i have a add loking for a second hand sako 85 in the wanted section. I have just passed my DSC level 1 and also a BDS member. I have been shooting air rifles since the age of 12 and only just got my FAC to hold .22 long rifle 177hmr, .243 and shotgun. I have permission to shoot over two areas of land in Shropshire. Just joined Watford and district target club. I run a small fencing buisness in Rickmansworth Hertfordshire. I have been with my wife for 18 years with two children of 8 & 3.
    I also have a passion for Enduro riding and green laning.
    Just got my first telling off by Jay B i hope it will also be my last.

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    hi all, first time on on the forum i have been stalking for a couple of years now and working towards level 2. i am also in a syndicate up near Dumfries with predominantly Roe but occasional Reds moving through.I hope to speak to you all and look forward to discussions

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    Saying Hi

    Hi, just doing the obligatory
    Live near the South Downs, and shoot .243, mainly deer, but take fox when the chance arises.

    Nice to find the forum

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