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Thread: Schmidt and Bender 3-12x50 illuminated L7 ret.

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    Schmidt and Bender 3-12x50 illuminated L7 ret.

    Dear all

    As per the title and please see pictures below. The scope is in very good condition. It has a couple of pin ***** marks to the finish on the objective bell and a very very slight ring mark at the rear of the main tube. So slight it won't show on a picture. Lenses 10/10. Complete with box etc.

    Obviously 30mm tube with variable rheostat for intensity/brightness of illumination.

    Currently selling at the Sportsman for 1596. I am asking 950 including RMSD.

    Please PM only with any questions.

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    Are you sure its illuminated as i don't think that do that in a classic or its had a mod done

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    Silly me so fancy a px on the same none illuminated a8

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    Dammit! Always wrong, place wrong time!
    Great scope. Already got one of these, and was looking for another but couldn't find one anywhere. Ended up with a Zenith FD3 instead. Love the ill. L7 ret.
    Piglet shifted uncomfortably in his high seat;

    "Oh bother" sighed Pooh as he chambered another round...

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