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Thread: Cold bore zero question

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    Cold bore zero question

    Hi all
    Could anyone give me a "rough" guide as to how long to leave my rifle after one shot so as to be able to take another "cold bore" shot ? Could be a bit of a how long is a piece of string question and I realise that but any help greatfully received

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    Ten minutes between each shot ? Just cause my barrel feels cold to touch is it a cold bore shot ?
    Only after a rule of thumb idea as to what others do not a mathematical formula guys
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    Seems reasonable to me Jimmy. I doubt I leave mine that long.....light sporter barrel heats quickly, cools quickly - you may find it's the mod (if you use one) that takes longer to cool.......

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    Five to ten minutes should be enough - leave bolt open as well to let air through. Of course ambient air temperature will make a big difference. In practice as long as it doesn't feel warm, you are probably good to go. I take my 22rf along to zeroing sessions and shoot two or three mags worth between shots with the centre fire.

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    Just at the risk of speaking with a nasely voice

    when a barrel heats up up, the metal expands and given no barrel is perfectly concentric it will tend to warp as it heats up. Steel expands about 0.0000013 m per metre per degree C (13.0 x10-6) so you really need quite a large temp difference to have any serious effect. If the barrel feels hot compared to the action then wait a few minutes.

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    Ive recently started taking a recycling bin lid to fan the barrel to speed up cooling process when ive several batches to test, dont leave in the sun to cool either, hope this helps swaro

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    A little fan to waft around the open bolt/chamber area wouldn't hurt.

    Use a cheap infra red thermometer to measure the chamber region of barrel and cool between shots to the same temperature for consistency. Better than trying to judge it by feel.

    On sunny days don't let your ammo roast in the sun, it can have a big effect particularly if you load near Max.

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