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Thread: Deer calling using faulhaber advice

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    Deer calling using faulhaber advice

    Hi all

    as the title says can anyone please give me some advice or link to info regarding calling in roe using faulhaber caller? Have been stalking a little while but am a complete novice regarding callers and techniques used to call in roe. Have got hold of a faulhaber set of calls but in honesty don't know where to start. I checked on YouTube but very little there in regards to faulhaber

    All and any advice is much appreciated


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    Calling a Roe buck in Dorset

    Try the above thread for a youtube demo.

    The roe rut is over now so you will have to wait a while before you next get a chance to use them. You might get an inquisitive animal come in but I wouldn't call much at other times of the year because you will educate the deer to expect to see you standing there when they respond !

    The main times to expect success with the calls is when the Does are maternal (April/May/June onwards) using the Fiep or Kitz calls. And then when you are sure the rut is on (July/August) and there are does in heat then the Sprengfiep and Geschrei calls.

    Best thing is to observe deer as much as you can to hear them calling then imitate it.

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    never used the type of calls you have but what i will say is start quietly and build it up slowly both with the sound level and how often your calling, as with calling anything your trying to prevoke a reaction from the animal and curiosty will aid you in this, i know we've all seen videos of roe bucks coming charging in but you have to stop them at some point and if there already on top of you the chances of you being winded, spoted or even heard are greater. on the other hand if youve got a buck gently trotting across the feild trying to find out where the noise is coming from stoping every twenty yards or so to have a look and you can decide if hes close enough or needs another gentle call to come a little further then your more in control of the situation and the chances of you getting a shot are greater

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