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Thread: Fox Skins/Pelts

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    Fox Skins/Pelts

    Guys I have some fox pelts 10+ in the attic somewhere and they are all fully cured Scandinavian Red Fox's...

    I am not necessarily selling these items but may be interested in offers I would more be interested in stuff you can do with them and if anyone on here could do something with them...

    I am interested in all your thoughts and enquiries...

    Any info let me know...


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    Strech one over a rough frame, brilliant for drawing hoodies into range..


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    send me a pic of the pelt and a aprox size i will see what i can do with them

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    I have seen some hats made from fox skins but Im sure Mr & Mrs Ash will know what to do.


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    Some fly dressings have red fox fur in them, mostly either from the mask as dubbing for trout flies or in the case of salmon flies, the tail

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    make them into davy crockett type hats,will fetch big money on evil bay

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