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Thread: 2014 Roe buck season review

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    2014 Roe buck season review

    I have probably shot my last Roe buck of the 2014 season (photo below). It's not been a bad one for me having taken 6 bucks, which fits with my plan.

    How has the 2014 Roe buck season been for you this year?

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    Long and hard with hot days, tall cover and little activity. However I still achieved my annual cull of 20 bucks.

    Just started my Fallow pricket/sorrel cull and took 3 this weekend with clients off the site. One good size sorrel weighing in with the skin off at 110lbs and two good sized prickets as well.
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    Not as good as normal but we did loose a large area that we take a few bucks from for three months.

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    Been a good buck season for me 6 bucks and still not finished, picked up 2 new permissions and joined a pheasant syndicate for my first season on birds, it's a funny world this stalking world can go from nothing going your way to everything turning up at once.

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    Quieter year on bucks for me this year i did fewer outings and finished with around 20 less than last year
    Did have a couple of really good outings calling bucks for novices this year tho so fairly happy really
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    17 this year so far thats including inviting a few lads from the sd and managed to get them a couple. Maybe a couple of bronze among them. Just waiting on the older and wiser bucks appearing at the end of the season as they always do

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    Best season for us medal wise but we only stalk roe bucks april , may and early june


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    Good season with more bucks than last year.

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    Less ground now than I have had in previous years, so cull is obviously less, still finished up with 51 bucks so quite happy.

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