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Thread: Wreck finder App (for fishermen and Divers)

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    Wreck finder App (for fishermen and Divers)

    Hi guys, I have recently purchased an App for my Iphone called Wreck finder (by App Future) which was available from the App Store on my phone. It gives details of approximately 11000 wrecks that have been charted in waters around the UK, the position of the wrecks are marked on a map as you zoom into them. There is a "near me" button on the App which shows any wrecks which are relatively near to your position which I found very useful.

    The app gives detailed information of each wreck, such as Name, Lat/Long info, date sunk, details of sinking, length of ship, orientation of wreck etc etc.

    I was recently out on a chartered wreck fishing trip from Devon and was clearly able to see our progress to the wrecks and name all the wrecks we were fishing over throughout the day. This came as somewhat of a surprise to the skipper of the boat!! Your position (or rather that of your phone) is tracked via the GPS positioning data from your phone. This is not dependant on a phone or internet signal. You are able to store wrecks as favourites also.

    The app will give you your current distance to a wreck that you are heading towards, (or any other wreck listed) but it does not state your Lat/Long position as far as I could see. It is therefore obviously no substitute for a dedicated GPS system, but it is a superb bit of technology that gives you the correct lat/long data to enable you to find any charted wreck in UK waters, and all for the price of a couple of pints.

    All in all an excellent App for fishermen and divers alike!
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    Nice. I'll get that then.
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    Be interested to see how accurate it is especially as dive clubs often keep the exact details secret cos they can. Lol
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    a good website we used and contributed to once new wrecks had been found and identified was

    you have to pay annual subscription think it was bout 20 euros last time I was on but you get detailed marks admiralty charts updated and info on the wrecks themselves

    amazes me how much history lying right on our doorstep and most folk unaware of it...... plus the fishing can be amazing


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