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Thread: Puma knife

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    Puma knife

    I have for sale


    This knife is brand new and never been used, the only thing that has been touched on this knife is the edge, and this was done by Alan Wood

    Handmade in Spain under license from PUMA GmbH IP Solingen, this is a fantastic knife that will last a lifetime

    Attachment 46667Attachment 46669Attachment 46670Attachment 46671

    100 delivered to your door


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    One and only price drop 90 posted


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    Still for sale
    90 posted


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    My conscience (wife)won't let me .....

    Have a free Bump...

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    Can`t believe this hasn`t gone,
    one last bump or it`s back in the draw


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    No takers ? ...... Back in the drawer !


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    So many Tyre kickers ... unbelievable


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    Quote Originally Posted by bobg757 View Post
    So many Tyre kickers ... unbelievable

    Sorry you didn't sell this, but to be honest I much prefer the traditional vintage puma knives rather than the ones that have been made under licence. I know they all cut, but I'm a fan of some of their older selection, skinner, white hunter, jagdnickt, hunters pal, hunters friend etc. great bits of kit. If you had one of those I'd be interested.

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