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Thread: Duck Decoys

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    Duck Decoys

    Just starting out coastal wild fowling having done a fair bit of inland stuff. A couple of us have joined a local wild fowling club so we can all learn together.

    Not entirely sure its for me so don't want to spend a fortune, but if anyone has some cheap decoys for sale then please let me know.

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    What are the clubs you managed to get into? Wf1

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    I have some new full body ones (mallard) they are in the gunroom, stores somewhere. If I can find them you can have them for free.

    If you wanted, to come over to Notts with your mate you could go out on an evening or mornings flight or both if you wished, then take the decoys home with you.


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    Wf1 - Spalding and District.

    Trev - great offer, PM sent.

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