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    Hi all,
    I have been talking to a freind of mine who will be joining me on a stalking trip next week, when we were discussing the cost he asked me what i usually tip the stalker. I have been stalking with the same bloke for the last 5 years and i have never tipped him, to be honest it never uccured to me. What do you guys think? do you usually tip.
    I have no problem in coughing up the cash, but i allways feel awkward tipping if i buy a days shooting.
    If you tip what do you consider an appropriate amount.
    Any pro stalkers please let me know what is expected.

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    I don't tip but if I like the stalker and want to express my how much I have enjoyed his company and experience, I give him a good bottle of Malt whiskey. This is especailly true when I've stalked with other members of this site! Saying that I have left the bottle in the kitchen before now and only remembered it when I got to the stalking ground. so I owe some whiskey to a couple of folks!

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    hi ezzy
    i normaly give a bottle of whisky or port on the first ever outing but for some reason never after that so to all i hav been stalking with make that bottle last

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    Wish I had read this sooner.

    I usually do tip and always feel really awkward about it, how much is deemed acceptable? Am I a cheapskate or do I tip too much.

    I think the whisky idea is much better.

    Will do that next time.


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    i took to lads of this site stalking today on my ground looking for fallow and roe, both hav given me a bottle of port a peice though they were told not to but still a very nice thought which i am now appreciating
    so thank you lads
    just thought i would post this to show the other side of how a tip is percieved, does not hav to be money or alcohol ,in many cases a small but usefull gift will do the same job or even a handshake and very gratefull comments
    kind regards

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    I think tipping should be in direct proportion to how hard the guy has worked, regardless of the outcome. No need to make a fuss, a folded 10 or 20 note in the palm of a warm handshake is never an embarassment. Sometimes I have not given a tip, but I must have felt very hard done by on those occasions.
    I tip the same whether I'm in the U.K. or abroad, this has caused some controversy amongst other guests,but what kind of thanks is it if it has cost me nothing? i.e. a few bob tip might be enough in Poland, but I feel embarassed to give it. There is no right or wrong, but both tipper and recipient must feel comfortable. My only problem arises when the stalker/guide, becomes a mate, as so often happens. Then perhaps the bottle of the favourite tipple is more apropriate.

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    Interesting thread this one. Personally I always tip at least 10, if not 20 for a 3 or 4 outings, as well as a bottle of good wine.

    The basis for this is that the stalker absolutley gives 100% every time, to the point where he will position me on a ride and move deer towards me, often walking miles and miles in the process. The amount of times I have seen him sweating and tired, covered in ticks (as the area is bad for them), I just feel it is appropriate.

    9 out of 10 trips are sucessfull but I still tip the same irrelevent of the outcome, more based on percieved effort. Equally if I went somewhere and they bunged me in a high seat and forgot me I would not leave a tip.


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    I would give 20 per buck if I was paying for a day and got on well with the stalker. At the Hinds I always give 20 for the day.


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    Tipping is something I have agreat deal of experiance of, as some of you know I run a small business taking clients stalking all over the UK.

    Tipping can be a bone of contention. I have had some of my staff complain about one person getting more than others, I have had stalkers on many estates ask for 50 a stag before its even shot. This is on top of what I have paid the estate and has caused many problems, and will continue to do so. Even more so on estates with abscent owners who leave the stalker in charge, and then pull all kinds of stunts.

    Now I am not knocking estate stalkers. Many are very good friends over a long number of years. But in one certain corner of the Highlands this became the norm for quite a time.

    Tipping is a very personal thing. IF you have been treated well, had a good day and shot a nice Stag, I would expect a client to give a stalker 25 to 40. On Roe or smaller beasts a 20 tip would be in order.

    Now I have no issue with folk giving a bottle of wine etc, or just a good handshake and a smile. Especially folk who havnt got wads to throw about.

    My motto is if you have been treated well, and professionally then a tip no matter how small should be greatfully recieved by a fully employed stalker. On the other hand if you are helping someone out, and nice bottle is also very welcome, and you will also no doubt be invited back.

    On the other hand, if you have been ripped off (which I hope you are not) then bad words spread quickly and a tip I would give you is DONT GO BACK. You may say thats obvious but some folk do

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    A stalking trip is a major expense for me as I probably earn about the same as the stalker so a cash tip is difficult. I don't go out looking for a trophy and mainly get does but do feel that a good day out deserves a thank-you. I always leave some alchohol - home-made sloe gin or half a dozen bottles of a locally produced specialist cider or perry and also take a home-made cake to have with coffee during the day and leave any that's left. I also offer to help out with the larder work and anything else that needs doing during the parts of the day we're not actually stalking (anything from taking skins for disposal to vehicle repair) as I'm not one to feel comfortable watching someone else work. I worry whether this is enough - what do you think?

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