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Thread: Moon Shoot for Dorset Wild Boar - Tues 2nd March

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    Moon Shoot for Dorset Wild Boar - Tues 2nd March

    Hi Folks,

    An opportunity to sit up for Wild Boar under the moon this coming Tuesday night.

    Costs are 150 for a full night of shooting on Wild Boar. They are BIG & out there!

    I will have arranged access & pre-baited the site, installed suitable high-seats, provide Night Vision equipment to aid spotting and target selection - and will be on site throughout the night to assist in all transport and carcass recovery.

    There are further fees payable as follow:

    Shot fee = 50 on successful shot (any size/sex Wild Boar)
    Trophy fee = 20 per cm (measured to nearest cm on the largest exposed tusk.
    Lost fee = 100 for any wounded / lost beast.

    Trophy fee is only payable for a male Boar showing exposed tusk. On average, 60% of the tusk length will be buried in the jaw - accordingly, a 19cm Boar (Bronze medal) may only show 6cm of chargeable tusk length! Any trophy tusks or teeth are your property, and we will gladly discuss/deal with trophy preparation if appropriate.

    A Lost/Wounded fee is levied to encourage you to only take shots within your capabilities, and covers the time, cost & excitement involved in following up a wounded animal the next morning!

    Interested in joining us? Get in touch & I will answer any queries you may have.


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    Congratulations on the site Ian & Jo..

    And good luck filling the high seats

    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    Looks great! But what are the chances of the firearms dept. putting boar on my ticket by Tuesday?


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    Would they not come under 'lawful quarry'?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    Would they not come under 'lawful quarry'?
    I would have thought so, yes... what are the chances of the firearms dept. changing the conditions on my rifle from 'fox and deer' to 'lawful quarry' by Tuesday?

    On a serious note are you planning to do any more of these Ian?


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    Ian - would have loved to do this but next week is a nightmare for me. If you arrange any similar outings in the future I'd be up for it.


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    I would love to come, however I have guests next week myself & I just feel that I would be even worse than normal with the FSA Vet at the plant on Weds morning after being out hogging all night (thats hogging & not dogging)!

    Regs Lee

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    I was in Germany for the last full moon as they stop shooting boars at the end of January because the sows are well on with their gestation period.

    Is it not a bit late shooting female boars in March as they are just about to drop their litters.

    However, sounds a good deal to me for a Keilor........

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    Hi Donsider,

    This is a damage limitation shoot - farmer has issues with the pasture damage and is not sentimental about the Pigs! Much the same as crop damaging deer, pregnant sows are not safe - though I will not allow a sow to be shot if she is running with her litter. Uberlaufer and Keiler are obviously on the list when seen!

    The price for a Keiler is about 30 percent of the rate charged in Poland - so, yes, a 'good' deal!



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    Hi Ian i would love to join for tuesday night if places are still available ?

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