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Thread: z4i 3-12x50 anyone got one ???

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    z4i 3-12x50 anyone got one ???

    as title lads

    has anyone got one of these scopes and can give me some feedback good or bad ????



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    Ive got a Z6i its essentially the same just something to do with the zoom is different i believe but i could just be really wrong

    anyway as for a z4 i Any Swarovski product is a top class product whether its brand new or 20 years old your buying quality and a service should a problem arise

    Z4i is a fantastic scope and i think you can get some very good deals new
    3-12 mag is a nice compromise for woodland and longer shots or zeroing
    i find the illumination very nice to use

    i wouldnt feel under scoped with any modal of Swarovski scope on my rifle

    buy buy and enjoy

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    I have one and have no problems with it. In fact I am so pleased with it I don't give it a second thought, my scope for life!

    The only drawback in comparison to the Z6i, apart from the obvious extra magnification range, is that you cannot add the ballistic turret to it because the illumination switch is on top of the elevation/top turret.

    It is only a drawback if you require the ballistic turret, and I do not do long range shooting...I only ever use somewhere around the middle magnification for stalking and the 12X for target/zeroing.

    I have no idea if the optics are of identical quality/clarity to the Z6i and I don't particularly care! They are fine for me.

    If you happen to be over this side of the river and coming by Stroud, you are welcome to come and have look and play with it...

    The only scope I might change it for would be a Z4i with the 56mm lens. Dawn and dusk every mm helps. If I was buying now I would probably go for that, which would be of more use than a wider mag range for me.

    Mine was second hand and with Swarovski's famous customer service I have no concerns. That back up is paid for by the premium initial cost, and although they do depreciate it is a fairly shallow decline because of it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 223 View Post
    as title lads

    has anyone got one of these scopes and can give me some feedback good or bad ????


    I have the 3-10x42 version, which I bought a few months ago in pursuit of lightness when I bought the Finnlight in .243. It is an excellent scope and I have found that I use the lower magnification in woodland at first and last light. I have found that the 10x is all the magnification I need for deer on farmland and open areas. Good for longer shots at Muntjac on rides too. The only time I miss the illuminated reticule is when sitting out for dark coated Fallow against a dark background at very last light.

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