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Thread: Muntjac load .223

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    Muntjac load .223

    Hi, can anyone recommend a good expanding bullet head for Muntjac in .224 (.223 ) in 50 grain that has good penertration and contolled expansion for Muntjac. My current loads are for Charlie using using 50 grain Sierra Blitzkings @ 3100 fps which I dont wont to use on Muntjac as I reckon will be to explosive and either wont penertrate enough and/or be to explosive.


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    There is a Norma factory load in 223 with the 55 grain oryx bullet . ( Also exists in 222 and 22-250 ) Might be worth a try . It's not 50 grain , but at least it's a "game" bullet .

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    look at sako database - they use 50gn ballistic tips for small deer, and even give powder details!

    they also use 55gn soft points.

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    60grn V max might be what you need if your riflle will stabalise it.

    Have a look at the thread on .22C/F for roe, I think there were several replies relating to specific .223 loads for roe and these should work on Munties.


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