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Thread: 3000 yd shot

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    3000 yd shot

    what surprised me was how easy he made it look. Ok first shots were off target, but not that far off and in four shots was pretty much onto the 12" square plate.

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    Good kit, presumably very consistent reloads, an unhurried environment (steady breathing and pulse, uninterrupted concentration), and the calm, cool air of the early morning (no mirage, no turbulence).

    Still very impressive.
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    Yeah saw it on you tube ages ago, seemed alot of wind about to shoot like that, there is a few 338 lap mag owners on here, wren mews is one, not sure what he would make of it, would probaly laugh at it, I am fairly confident he would have shot at Warcop at that range, would be nice if you commented on this, atb swaro

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    Bullet got to land somewhere.


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    Very impressive, by the looks and sound of it there was quite a bit of wind too.

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    I have a mate reckons he can do that with a Weihrauch HW90, he's got a beefed up spring in it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mick Miller View Post
    I have a mate reckons he can do that with a Weihrauch HW90, he's got a beefed up spring in it.
    he's a bull shitter ! you would need the HW35-E with the longer barrel
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Wrong. He's put washers in too.

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    And he lubes his pellets too!
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    Alex recons all Scottish bullets will be able to do this if you vote Yes

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