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Thread: Fallow started to prep for rut

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    Fallow started to prep for rut

    Mate shot a good pricket sat morning and on skinning found to have a lot of holes in his brisket and good bruising on his shoulders .anyone else seeing something like this on their ground ?
    With this in mind we have to take a few big bucks and prickets from a park we manage not a great job shooting the big boys they look so fantastic but can't have too many and if the wild ones are coming into condition it won't be long before the park ones are knocking each other about !

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    Bucks are just starting to make their way to the stands and mooch about. Had three clients this weekend and took 3 bucks, including one good size sorrel weighing in with skin off at 110lbs.

    Still a bit early for serious action, but they are just beginning to stir themselves up and move about. Back out again this Friday and right through the weekend with clients.
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    Went this week to look at the park and cull at least a master buck and pricket .on arriving two masters were laying down at one end of the park and the main group were away at the other . As they skipped away we noticed a sore with a slightly stiff gate .we decided he was a candidate along with a pricket .the two beasts helped me by getting in good shooting positions without me having to move at all and were accounted for and dropped on the spot .
    on inspection the sore had a deep puncture wound just under the saddle so much so that it's tender loin was damaged ! Obviously from sparring with another male ,the pricket was perfect condition .
    glad my pal made the decision to look at the group before potting an easy master buck as he has had a reprieve now . The does and fawns looked stunning only hope they make the job as easy to deal with as the bucks and we have another rifle to help out when their time comes .
    ps pics in gallery

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    Master buck was milling about his usual stand yesterday, and looking real good, a slight limp suggesting some activity. No calling yet.
    Down there later for another look.


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