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Thread: Complete reloading kit

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    Complete reloading kit

    Lee Classic cast breech lock press as new
    Lee deluxe die set .243 plus no.2 shellholder
    RCBS 5-0-5 scales as new boxed
    RCBS powder funnel
    Hornady cam lock case trimmer
    Hornady cam lock bullet puller
    RCBS chamfer tool, primer pocket, neck brushes and flash hole cutter
    Custom made solid stainless steel powder trickler
    Custom made OAL guage
    Custom made hardwood case holder for 30no. .243 cases
    80no. four and five times fired Lapua .243 cases
    Two tins imperial wax lube
    Ultra 8020 ultrasonic cleaner
    Lee manual
    The ABC of reloading

    All the above mint or excellent condition 350

    Collection or 22 Parcelforce 48
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    Hi would you consider selling the powder trikler separately?

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    Where abouts are you

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    Thanks everyone for your interest.
    The equipment is now sold.


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