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Thread: Sika rut starting

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    Sika rut starting

    I heard my first sika stag calling on Friday night whilst doing a level two for a chap. He successfully culled a stag and it had a gouge out of its backside, no doubt from a bigger stag. The next night, a pal was out and saw a stag run full tilt at another, smaller stag and sent him flying. He hit him so hard he snapped a tine off!
    Has anyone else found the sika starting to get busy with eachother?

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    Heard one whistle in Tyrone on a Saturday evening. It's very early.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    funny that i herd one up here friday night as well dont think it means the ruts got going though stags on the hill aint bothering there proverbial with the hinds out there

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    got 50 in a fence showing no signs whatsoever , all the stags only been clean a week


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    No Signs in the Borders

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    Whistling started in Dorset!

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    Shot two stags this weekend in Scotland - No whistling but some Wallows about

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    Hit and miss here, some days your hear them others you don't. Had two coming to my call this week, not rushing in just ambling in for a wee look. Early days yet


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    I heard my first whistle with me on the 4th of sept I think that's as early as I can remember.

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    Heard whistling at the start of the month in Strathspey

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