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Thread: New tyres for a Defender 90 Pick up

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    New tyres for a Defender 90 Pick up

    I've been asking afew people out and about and thought I would ask on here to, I have a defender 90 and am looking at getting some tyres in 235 85 r16, thinking of either BF G's All terrain or Mud terrain how is the road noise for both and how are they to live with? Just though as it is my daily driver as well so could do with some 1st hand reviews.

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    Road noise not really an issue in a Land Rover really. Choice depends on how much you need a mud tyre, BF MTs are really 80/20 off road and ATs are mor 50/50. I'm on MTs just now but don't do a lot of road miles. My choice would be forget the BFs and get some Cooper STT, great on and off road with good manners on the tar.

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    BFG AT's are quieter than the MT's for sure, you'll also get (barely noticeable in a Landie) improvement in fuel economy on the road. I don't notice any real loss in grip off road although I don't tend to do serious mud plugging.

    Also MT's are dreadful in the ice and snow, I mean utterly horrendous!

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    at's are what i use on my vehicles great tyre and will give 50k+ coopers are too soft and wear quicker imho at's are a brilliant snow tyre too
    a barony original

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    thanks for the replies, shall take the general R/T's off after a trip to scotland and treat me to some BF g's when i get back.

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