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Thread: Montana 1999 s/s actioned rifles

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    Montana 1999 s/s actioned rifles

    Just recived an e-mail saying said rifles are Prohibited on NRA ranges until further notice !
    Due to blow up in 2009

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    What were the circumstances?? Do you know?~Muir

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    It said a breech explosion and catastrophic failure of the front reciver ring . No serious injuries.

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    The details can be found here:


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    I wonder if these were handloads. Wrong powder or neck impingement is the main reason for a receiver ring to failure. (When the top of the receiver ring blows off.) Such explosions usually originate in the chamber as anything less, such as a blown case head, etal, will send gasses into the magazine and down the bolt rails causing a different kind of ruckus. If the top of the barrel is gone as well, it was most likely a handloading incident. I have seen strong rifles turned to scrap when a reloader seated a couple of thou of untrimmed case neck into the leade along with the bullet. It will take the top of a receiver off easily.

    But it's hard to judge from here without seeing the wreckage. I'm just thinking out loud...~Muir

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    Muir my guess is an overload sadly with the target shooters here it's not uncommon.

    I avoid a certain shooter at our club for this reason. He blew up a Tikka T3 by overloading and using the wrong powder and it seems it's not the first time he has blown a gun up either the wrecked action is in Forrest Lodge Guns at Wrabgy.

    Now the funny bit ........................ the Police are insisting it's de-activated the thing it blown right open almost split in two yet it must be de-activated .

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    God bless our Appointed Officials, eh? Living proof that people are promoted to Incompetence! ~Muir

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