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Thread: Reloading clearout!

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    Reloading clearout!

    RCBS 7M Rem mag FL die set as new with shell holder 25

    RCBS 45-70 3 pc die set as new 35

    Unkown 45-90 3 pc die set 35

    Redding 223 WSSM FL die set as new with shell holder 25

    Redding 10X competition powder measure for pistols,I have 2 of these both good,but 1 has a very little scratch on the dial so 50 & 40

    Lee progressive press in good com.but there are some parts missing, they are the shell holder tubes and the shell pickup link.It has the powder dispenser ect. set up for 38/357 50 This press can still be used to load, by just putting the empty in each time you pull the handle,and load up to 400 rounds per min.
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    Hi Colonel,

    Which .223 RCBS FL die is in the set and which seater ?


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    pm sent , presses

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    RCBS Uniflow+stand in good com. 75 could you send me some pictures buddy if you can send them to thanksRCBS Reloader special 2 press in good com.60
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    RCBS Piggy back conversion unit,set up for 38/357 in good com.Load up to 500 rounds an hr. 120

    could you please send me few pictures of the whole unit,

    plus just wondering if you have got lube heater by any chance for ur lube-a- matic, and 45.70 top punch and sizing dies for the lube a matic.


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    Can I have second dibs on the RCBS uniflow if BBD doesnt want it.


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    any pics of the Lee progressive press?

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    Prices dropped and open to sensible offers

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    pm sent ref luber

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