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Thread: Praise where it's due for a Firearms Dept

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    Thumbs up Praise where it's due for a Firearms Dept

    I moved house on the 1st of Feb, sent my SGC and FAC into Merseyside Firearms Dept a day or two later, received a confirmation letter to advise they were being processed, got a phone call a couple of days later that to confirm that my new certs were ready and to arrange a home visit to check my new security arrangements - this was done last Friday, and it all went swimmingly. (Perhaps it was the cuppa my wife made him??).

    Anyway - it's a thumbs up from me for Merseyside Firearms Dept; never found them to be anything other than helpful and prompt in dealing with queries, renewals and variations.

    Half-bricks fly a lot faster and further than bouquets, but I think a nod of recognition when it is merited isn't out of place.


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    Well done Merlin for giving credit to them. I hope they read your note and take a well deserved curtain call. Bizarre how patchy can be the service provided by Firearms departments, force to force.
    KevinF -

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    Yes credit where it's due especially as it's so rare when dealing with the Police and Firearms Licensing. I have only once had the cause to actually thank them for doing a good job and wrote a letter thanking them. Sadly it didn't take long for things to return to the normal mediocre service at best however I kept a copy of the letter .

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