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Thread: A country boy can survive.

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    A country boy can survive.

    Bit of a strange post..the above is the title of a song by Hank Williams Junior....vaguely stalking related in that it contains the line "we can skin a buck.." - the video is worth a look on youtube....not the sort of thing you'd have seen on top of the pops etc! Mind you, he's not up there with Shakira, Tommo!
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    Cheers! Not many red necks in Wiltshire, but the lyrics still strike a bit of a chord with me!

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    Hi mate,

    Shakira - umm yes (just thinking about that video again............. ....... ... )

    Ms cole is back on the market now....ha ha!

    Just about to watch the vid above!


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    Just watched it,

    I wouldn't mind living there! Songs ok like you say it strikes a cord!


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