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Thread: 'The Beast' is dead - RIP!!

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    'The Beast' is dead - RIP!!

    Well, last night at the farm didn't go well!!

    I pulled 'The Beast' into the barn to park up and headed out for a stalk and after about 30 mins I looked back and saw a ploom of smoke from the barn!! My heart sank as I just knew what was up and started back to find it on fire!

    Amazing how quick it takes hold and within minutes the barn roof had caught too!! 5 engines turned up to get it under control which you'd have thought would have done, but an hour after they left we had to call again as one of the timber purlins had caught when the wind got up from a remaining ember!! So out comes another crew and this time checked with thermal to make sure!!

    I've had better nights!!

    From this!

    To this!!

    We heard a big old bang and it blew bits of the bonnet off!!

    Luckily they got it under control before the car and trailer (filled with a few 1000 worth of gundog club equipment) went up as well!
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    But at least nobody was hurt.
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    Have you tried t-cut?
    You're not going to tell me your sticks were in the back too are you Stratters?
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    I had this happen to my works Corsa Van

    It hapened whilst I was doing a survey on somones house and the fire caused all the plastic bits to melt and drip on to their new block paved drive

    Had it not been for that dammage I wouldn't have put in a claim on my insurance.

    I got 800 for the Corsa van as it had nearly 100K on the clock (dispite being only 5 years old) and my insurance quote went up from 400 and something full comp to over 1600 for a Corsa diesel van which id baught to replace it and cost me only 2.5K

    Fire dammage to your car is aparently only second to drink driving in terms of how much it loads up your renewel

    They just don't beleive you didnt do it on purpose

    Wel worth doing a sneeky quot on line to see what your loading iwll be and decide if its worth bothering with a claim.

    I worked out the claim cost me about 3K in insurance premium loading over the next 5 years



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    Oo, that's not good! Any idea what caused it?

    I had a bike go up in smoke outside my in-laws house a couple of years ago, mercifully we got the brother in law's BMW and work van off the drive before they caught too, but we couldn't save my father in law's Series One Landrover. Aluminum body and tarpaulin roof went up easy, wiring loom all melted, etc. He's had fun restoring it though!

    Hope you get sorted quickly mate, main thing is no matter how annoying it is to replace possession it's only stuff, nobody was hurt.
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    It'll buff out.

    That's a bu66er. I hope the claim goes well.


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    yup they burn good and bright for sure feller how did it start ? did an injector let go on to the hot pipes or turbo looks to been hotest buy the scuttle panel to blow the bonnet that well . still nice new toy coming your way mty .glad no one was burnt or hurt anything can be replace but pain last a bit longer.
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    No insurance claim chaps it was an MOT failure we used on the farm only. Fireman reckons it started from the fusebox or battery terminals then spread along wiring into cab!!
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    dent master will sort that out lol

    glad you are ok it could have been a nasty story...

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    Bugger another reason I insure all my shooting kit seperately from house or car insurances ,shanks pony for you stratts or push bike .glad all ended safely .

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