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Thread: Sako trg 22 folder plus 5-25 pmII

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    Sako trg 22 folder plus 5-25 pmII

    Gents: through work and family commitments my TRG is getting no use. The rifle is Jordanian spec (tan panels, phosphated finish etc etc) and has fired less than 200 rounds since I've owned it from new. It has the Sako bipod, both the sako muzzle brake and the original flash hider, the itrs rail etc. The PMii is in excellent nick, tracks properly is first focal with the P3 mildot ret. Will throw in 80+ rds of black spot ball ammo which it shoots very well.

    Asking 4750 for the whole setup.

    Will add pictures when I get chance.



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    It'll be .308 if it's a '22 tan folder.
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    Yep, .308. 3 mags included in sale too.

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    Photos as promised:





    As can be seen it is very lightly used. Some marks on the phosphate finish on the barrel and one or two minor rubs on the rail etc but extremely minor stuff.



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    Will split if required. 2800 for rifle. 1800 for scope. Price dropped.

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    Update: scope has sold so rifle and accessories still available.



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    Btt. Price drop to 2650 for rifle and accessories. Deal of the century!

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