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Thread: Yamaha quad for sale

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    Yamaha quad for sale

    Yamaha quad for sale - Moto 4
    1985 223cc 2 wheel drive
    high/low ratio gearbox, rear tow ball, 5 forward 1 reverse gear.
    working electrics
    chassis sound
    front brakes reclined both sides and new cables fitted
    tyres ok and hold air

    bad bits
    bodywork split in places and bolted together with plates
    speedo plastic cover cracked
    play in bottom end of steering column boss
    difficult to get reverse
    needs a new battery

    i know the heritage of this as is came to me from a family friend, and had been bought from a local dealer and gone through a couple of generations of the family for use taking hay out to the horses etc. it's been with me for 3 years, I took it as part payment for a debt to help a guy out, and it hasn't been used by me as my ground is steep and boggy and requires a 4 wheel drive really, but in the main I can get my vehicle close by and I enjoy the walk!
    Pictures on request, been in dry storage for 3 + years! I've had no trouble sourcing spares. I may have a Haynes workshop manual somewhere too, which I'll include if I find it. I'd prefer the buyer to inspect it first preferably so they know what they are getting as I value my reputation as a seller.


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    In answer to a couple of questions, this is a farm type quad with racks, designed for work not hareing around on the roads, although it does seem to share an amazing amount of parts with the modern Yamaha quads.

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    Still here.

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    Pm sent :-)

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    If it's any help to the thread we had one of these some years back. It was a really good machine, even the kids couldn't kill it. It was like a little tractor, go anywhere and pull anything . It was never a minutes trouble, ever.

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    Thank you Rod, I couldn't really comment as this one has had no use by me, but the 2 previous owners, both of whom I know, have been happy with it.

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